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QS - Quality and Security

QS (Quality Assurance) – Quality Scheme for food

QS - Quality and Security- is one of Europe's largest control systems for food from agriculture to retail shops. After the foundation in 2001 for meat and meat products, the standard was expanded in 2004 to the Supply Chain for Fruits, vegetables and potatoes. The system is organized by the QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH .

More information is also available on the QS website: https://www.q-s.de/home_gb.html

How you benefit

Nowadays more food retail chains expect at least one certification for example GLOBAL GAP, QS or QS-GAP before a collaboration or cooperation with potential agricultural trading partners will be discussed. The QS certification also allows the recognition of standards and audits such as GLOBAL GAP, IFS, IKKB and AMA GAP. In addition, the QS-Scheme helps to improve the internal quality management.

Producers can utilize the benefits of certification to stand out from competitors and to increase their market potential. Certification creates confidence in the quality and performance of a company.

What we offer

Control Union Certifications Germany GmbH is an independent, international inspection and certification body, which is also officially approved by QS fort he system chain Fruits, Vegetables and Potatoes. Our presence in more than 50 countries around the globe with qualified and trained professionals makes PCU Deutschland GmbH stand out from the other certification bodies. All the certification activities are accredited as per ISO 17065 (ISO / IEC Guide 65). 

What the standard looks like

The Quality Assurance in the QS scheme for foods is based on three interacting levels of control:

  1. The company self-monitoring and documentation of compliance with the QS requirements.
  2. Independent audit and certification by the PCU Germany GmbH and participating in the monitoring program (execution and the systematic collection and analysis of analysis by QS-recognized laboratories)
  3. Permanent Internal Control System (SIKS), conducting unannounced audits commissioned by QS

The requirements and a list of approved coordinators can be found on the QS website: http://www.qs.de/dokumentencenter/dc-buendler-ogk.html

The audit frequency of independent controls is depending on the audit result and the achieved QS status. Companies with deviations and errors are frequently controlled compared to companies that do very well in the audit. The period between two audits can be 6 to 25 months. The participating companies are bound by contracts with QS and / or a Coordinators (Bündler) to the QS system.

Wholesale, processing, logistics, coordinators (Bündler):

  • can register directly in the QS database
  • must enable complete traceability
  • participate in residue monitoring

You will find all requirements on the QS website: http://www.qs.de/obst-gemuese-kartoffeln/obst-gemuese-kartoffeln.html


How to get certified

Please send us an inquiry using our contact form. We will then send you an application form for the QS-certification program. When returning this form, we can use the information for preparing a contract for you as soon as possible. If it comes to the contract, one of our auditors will arrange an appointment for the initial on site-audit. The auditor then checks whether your company meets the requirements of the standard and documents these findings in a report. The report is then forwarded to our responsible certifier, who shall review the report and after the successful completion of the audit may issue a certificate for you.