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1. Introduction

The ENplus scheme, developed by the European Biomass Association (which hosts the European Pellet Council (EPC)), strives for assuring a premium quality and good practices for operators whose activities consist of pelletizing, storing, bagging, trading and transporting wood pellets used in private household boilers and stoves.

The ENplus scheme can be applied to all aforementioned operators acting in Europe and to those outside of Europe exporting to the European market.

2. Benefits of the standard / What can we offer?

The ENplus programme includes the whole wood pellets chain – from production to trade and the delivery to the final consumer.

Control Union is recognised by the EPC for ENplus certification and is able to conduct certification audits inside and outside of Europe, for pelletizing, storing, bagging, trading and transporting wood pellets.

3. Main description about the standard

The scheme is built around two complementary and autonomous modules:

  • Production
  • Trading

The ENplus scheme is focusing primarily on the traceability and the high quality class of wood pellets for private households.

The ENplus programme manual can be downloaded from the ENplus website:  www.enplus-pellets.eu

4. How to get started? / How does it work?

ENplus certification has a validity of three years and includes two audit cycles:

  1. Annual audits for producers and traders with bagging stations: initial audit, surveillance audit and a renewal audit three years after the initial audit.
  2. One audit for traders after certification has been granted: surveillance audit within the first year of certification.

By sending us the filled in application form, you will allow us to send you an offer for your ENplus certification. If you apply for the first time (initial audit), you will also have to send the EPC their application form for either producers or for traders (this has to be done before the initial audit).