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EUTR – Solutions provided by Control Union

EUTR – Solutions provided by Control Union

The EUTR in short

As of the 3rd of March 2013 the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) came into effect. The key objective of the EUTR is to ban illegally harvested wood from entering the EU market by providing requirements on transparency in the supply chain and performing risk-assessments on the legality of the incoming material. This regulation imposes strict requirements for companies that import wood and wood-products into the EU market. However, also non-EU companies selling to the EU, will need to pass on the correct information to their European buyers. For each individual member state, local authorities have been given the task to enforce the law and check whether companies are in compliance with the given requirements.

Control Union – an EUTR expert

As an independent certification body, operating in more than 60 countries around the world, Control Union (CU) has extensive experience in the verification of sustainable wood products & timber supply chains (e.g. FSC/PEFC). Through our expertise-network and knowledge base we offer tailor-made assistance to companies in complying with the EUTR requirements.

What we can offer

CU has developed a range of services that could assist companies anywhere in the world. The different services are broken down in the following categories:

  • CU as Verification Body
    Through our web-tool ‘WoodTrack®’ (www.woodtrack.eu) clients can upload the specific trade documents from their transactions, which can be translated and verified on legality by our CU staff.
  • CU as Monitoring Organization
    In this role, CU liaises between the importing companies, and the local authorities. Hereby, CU delivers the framework and guidance to companies to set up a Due Diligence System (DDS) accompanied by periodic checks.
  • CU as Certification Body
    CU has developed its own Timber Legality Verification (TLV) standard. This standard complies with all the requirements of the EUTR and could be applied throughout the entire supply chain, in a similar way as FSC or PEFC, including periodic audits.
  • CU as Supporting organization:
    Optionally, the following actions can be performed by CU:
    - Quick Scan/Product Scan: A fast assessment on your current compliance towards the EUTR
    - Strategy Development: Strategizing with the client on action plan to mitigate observed risks
    - Conducting a Risk-Assessment on behalf of the client
    - On-site visits and verification in country of origin
    - Using satellite images to assess forestry areas on legal harvesting practices

Please do not hesitate to ask for more questions. Contact us on weekdays between 8:30h and 17:00h by phone: +49 (0)30/509 69 88-0 or by email: berlin@controlunion.com.