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COVID-19 Update

At Control Union Germany we are following the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic closely. Our company took measures to fully comply with all safety measure issued by the Robert Koch Institute as well as the requirements set out by the State and local authorities in this regard. We have taken several preventive measures to safeguard the well being of our employees and their families. We want to assure you we remain committed to providing our clients and partners with the best possible service despite the challenges we all face at the present time

The following measures have been implemented:

  • Most of our office staff will be working from home via our secure digital working place
  • We have implemented precautionary measures for anyone who has to work from one of our offices
  • We are in direct contact with our clients to offer our services remotely when needed, whenever possible

Please be assured that, where the circumstances allow it, we remain at your full disposal and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or assistance

We wish everybody the best of luck in these extraordinary circumstances.

Take care and stay safe



Company statement PCU Deutschland GmbH.

PCU Deutschland recently became aware of an ongoing investigation into aspects related to companies active in the EU biodiesel market as part of a coordinated operation involving the UK, Belgian and Dutch authorities.

We emphasize that we take these matters very seriously and are co-operating fully with the authorities. As this is an ongoing investigation into third parties, we are not permitted to give any further details at this time.



New partnership between Control Union (PCU) and Green Globe

Control Union/PCU and Green Globe have entered into a global partnership to bring our extensive auditing experience into Green Globe's certification for sustainable management and operations worldwide.
Green Globe's certification for sustainable management and operations has mainly been in the hotel and tourism sector and has now, exclusively for this partnership, been extended beyond tourism to a variety of industries. Certification against the Green Globe standards shows customers and supply chain partners that companies are, among others, active in the following areas:
Protection of the environment, fair working conditions, investment in the community, respect for cultural heritage and the contributions of all.
At Control Union/PCU, we provide comprehensive professional audit services to verify the statements made, and ensure that the requirements are documented by the certified companies and independently verified.
Would you also like to be certified against Green Globe? Please contact us.



CU Greece Certifies First GSTC Hotel in the World!

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Control Union erstellt erstes RWS Zertifikat

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Keine Glyphosat-Rückstände in deutschem „Bio“-Bier.

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Änderung der EG-Öko-VO 2016

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