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MSC - Marine Stewardship Council

Responsible and sustainable fishery has become one of the vital issues during the past decades. Inadequate and improper fishery practices are threatening the long-term viability of many ocean ecosystems.

How you benefit

Public awareness and the demand for certified seafood is growing and the use of the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) label and fishery certification program gives the necessary re-assurance that the seafood originates from sustainable fishing practices that contribute to the health of the world’s oceans.
Manufacturers and suppliers who want to guarantee that their seafood originates from sustainable fishery practices and want to pass this guarantee on to the end user, need to provide proof of the origin which is done by way of Chain of Custody (CoC) Certification. The MSC CoC standard for seafood traceability ensures that the MSC label is only displayed on seafood from a MSC certified sustainable fishery. If a fishery is certified as meeting the
MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing, use of the MSC label on seafood products is permitted only where there has been independent verification that the product originates from a certified fishery. An independent certification by Control Union Certifications against the CoC standard provides this verification.

What we offer

Global certification expertise: Control Union Certification operates on a global scale and offers a wide range of certification programs of which some can be linked to MSC, such as GlobalGAP Aquaculture, EU Organic Aquaculture, ASC Chain of custody and ISO 9001.
Local expertise: our network of offices worldwide allows us to make certification more efficient and cost-effective, whilst upholding stringent the same professional auditing and certification procedures in all our offices.

How to get certified

Just send us an inquiry using our contact form. We will then send you an application form for the MSC-CoC-certification program. When returning this form, we can use the information for preparing a contract for you as soon as possible. If it comes to the contract, one of our auditors will arrange an appointment for the initial on site-audit. The auditor then checks whether your company meets the requirements of the standard and documents these findings in a report. The report is then forwarded to our responsible certifier, who shall review the report and after the successful completion of the audit may issue a certificate for you.